Strengthening The Capacity Of Community Water User Committees For The Sustainability Of Small Water Distribution Systems

  • Client: Millenium Water Alliance  
  • Location: Kiambu, Kajiado and Makueni
  • Performance Period: August – Nov 2023

ISS Kenya, a subsidiary of Devcom Global Associates was sub-contracted by the Millenium Water Alliance to undertake the strengthening of water management committees managing small water distribution systems in the three counties of Kiambu, Makueni and Kajiado. The assignment entailed a review of the gap analysis conducted by the client to develop bespoke training materials. Using highly trained and experienced trainers, ISS Kenya facilitated the management of the small rural water suppliers to undertake an organizational capacity assessment in targeted domains. The management of the small water distribution systems was also trained on: Legal and Institutional frameworks governing water and agricultural sectors, Soil conservation and rejuvenation, operation and maintenance, succession planning, human resources management, budgeting and financial management. The training efforts culminated in the development of organizational improvement plans and the development of management and operation procedures and tools to enhance the sustainability and functionality of the water systems.

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