The History

A Journey of Transformation and Innovation

Established initially as Devcom Consult Ltd in 2015, Devcom Global Associates (DGA) began its remarkable journey as a modest research and management consultancy in South Sudan. In its nascent stage, the firm primarily addressed urgent humanitarian needs by offering specialized research services and capacity-building initiatives for human resources within humanitarian agencies and governmental sectors.

Evolution has been a constant in our narrative, evidenced by our transition into a comprehensive research entity in 2021. Fast-forward to 2023, Devcom Global Associates has expanded its footprint, with substantial operations extending across Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya.

Our Core Values


We are committed to superior quality in our work processes and outputs.

Creativity & Innovation

We foster a culture of proactive problem-solving and novel approaches.


We strive at upholding ethical practices, reliability, and honesty in all endeavors.

Care & Compassion

We prioritize unity and respect for all, regardless of gender, age or position.

Our Mission

To be Africa’s leading centre for research excellence and institutional strengthening.

Our Vision

To provide evidence-based research and advisory services through robust strategies.

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