Institutional Capacity

Exceptional Human Talent

Our strength is derived from a dedicated full-time technical team and a cadre of associate experts and consultants dispersed globally, each possessing specialized expertise pertinent to specific countries. Complementing this core team is a pool of over 40 sector-specific experts and consultants based predominantly in Africa. To further bolster our research capabilities, we have cultivated a rich database comprising over 50 skilled Research Supervisors and Junior Consultants, as well as 200 multilingual Research Assistants, all of whom possess academic credentials and have been trained meticulously in research ethics and diverse data collection methodologies.

Financial Resilience

As a testament to our financial stability, Devcom Global Associates operates in full compliance with tax regulations and is duly registered with relevant governmental bodies across our countries of operation. Our robust financial management and control mechanisms are subjected to stringent annual audits, ensuring transparency and financial integrity.

State-of-the-Art Assets and Infrastructure

We have invested in cutting-edge technological assets—including laptops, Android tablets for data collection, and requisite power banks—facilitating seamless and efficient field operations. Our software portfolio includes specialized applications vital for research and data analysis. Additionally, each of our offices is fully furnished and equipped, providing a conducive environment for high-level productivity.

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