Project End-line Evaluation – WASH Promotion in Schools – South Sudan

  • Client: WeltHungerHilfe
  • Location: Juba and Yei and Gumbo – South Sudan
  • Performance period: March 2023

The End-line Evaluation was designed to assess the effectiveness and impact of Welthungerhilfe’s Project 1084 on achieving its predefined objectives and key performance indicators. The evaluation sought to identify transformative changes in the lives of the target demographics, extract critical insights from the project’s design, implementation, and sustainability strategies, and formulate actionable recommendations for future enhancements or replications. Employing a cross-sectional design, the evaluation utilized a mixed-methods approach to comprehensively scrutinize all facets of the project.

A diverse cohort of stakeholders participated in the evaluation, totaling 410 respondents. This cohort comprised pupils, head teachers, patrons, and matrons from the targeted schools, as well as Welthungerhilfe project staff. Additionally, representatives from Payam and County Education and WASH Departments, along with managers of public sanitation facilities, were also interviewed to gather a multi-dimensional perspective. The results of this evaluation are intended to provide Welthungerhilfe and relevant stakeholders with valuable data and insights that can inform future initiatives aimed at promoting WASH standards in schools, thereby contributing to the broader objective of enhancing public health and well-being.

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