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New Project: Baseline Survey-Tree Growing for Improved Livelihood Project – Mt. Elgon Tree Growing Enterprise

Devcom Global Associates recently won a bid with METGE Uganda to conduct a Baseline Survey for a Tree Planting Project for Improved Livelihoods in Two Sub-counties in Uganda.

Forest and landscape restoration practices contribute to carbon sequestration and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions – thus contributing to the deceleration of climate change and reduction of climate change impacts – improving the ecological resilience of landscapes and reducing disaster risks. We are excited to contribute to the development of this project as COP28 gets underway. We believe collective action is critical to addressing climate change as we seek to put nature, people, lives, and livelihoods at the heart of climate action. Farmers, for instance, can draw on proven restorative practices such as sustainable farming and agroforestry. Landscape approaches that give all stakeholders – including women and minorities – a say in decision-making are simultaneously supporting social and economic development and ecosystem health. And policymakers and financial institutions are realising the huge need and potential for green investment.

The baseline assessment is poised to dissect and examine multifaceted aspects, including but not limited to;

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